Federal Health Agency Discovers the Art of Possible with AI for Remote Work


  • Today, there are more devices issued to employees than there have ever been. While increasing flexibility for workers, it also increases the need for technical support. This poses an issue, especially for the client, which has limited employees staffing the helpdesk.
  • With more and more employees working remotely, there is not enough staff to troubleshoot technical issues. This client was looking for ways to reduce the workload while not necessarily having to take on additional staff.


  • This client has a longstanding relationship with Converge in the realm of devices. Aware of the challenges, Converge’s resources collaborated to provide solution options using emerging tech and trends, specifically, AI.
  • The final decision from the client was to automate. By building out a helpdesk chatbot to automate the ticketing system, staff will save a significant amount of time that can be redirected to helping solve tech issues for remote workers.


  • Converge organized a workshop to work hands-on with the client. The goal was provide enough training so that government employees using AI solutions have the design, function, and implementation skills needed to improve AI-based public services.

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