Institutional Brokerage Firm Invests in Business Intelligence


  • This institutional brokerage firm wanted to offer valuable business intelligence activity for enhanced customer service and product cross-selling purposes.
  • The customer has licensing limitations with their existing Cognos footprint but wanted to distribute more information company-wide, as well as provide self-service report creation and distribution for all employees.


  • The Converge BI team demonstrated how their experience and skills can create cutting-edge user interfaces with dashboards and graphs that will move the client into the modern era of analytics.
  • Converge created a bundled offering of IBM software with Converge Professional Services. This solution consists of converting existing Cognos named user licenses to a server license (PVU’s) to enable widespread report distribution and use of the software.
  • The client was also able to leverage Converge Professional Services to ensure success by creating an improved user interface for enterprise-wide use and integration to Salesforce.


  • The client team now has the proper IBM license for unlimited creation and distribution of picture-perfect reports.
  • Converge Professional Services ensures the client can provide everything the business needs from a business intelligence and analytics perspective.

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