Medical Device Company Achieves DevSecOps Compliance


  • A medical device company was looking for a strategic partner with expertise in DevSecOps.
  • Client needed strong compliance on an application they were developing in AWS.
  • Compliance requirements created labor intensive manual reporting, taking up valuable time and resources from their team.
  • Lacked the ability to automate security and compliance in their AWS environment.


  • CloudGuard Dome9 provides Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for public cloud providers (GCP, Azure, AWS, and Kubernetes). It allows organizations to automate governance across multi-cloud assets and services, including visualization and assessment of security posture, misconfiguration detection, and enforcement of security best practices & compliance frameworks.
  • For the client’s purposes, CloudGuard provides CSPM for AWS.


  • Through a POC, Converge demonstrated our ability to save them hours (if not weeks) through automating our compliance reports instead of doing them manually.
  • The ability to automate over 30 accounts to start was more cost-effective than the number of FTE required to do the same continuous reporting.

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