Petroleum Company’s Shift-and-Modernize Project Leverages Skilled Staffing


A large petroleum company needed to transition its Active Directory (AD) provisioning from a long-term internal team to a new provider in a short time frame. A partner that could seamlessly step into the internal role to maintain a strong security focus and minimize the impact on customer service was needed. Strong capabilities in managing AD provisioning across multiple domains—including legacy and modernized—were essential.

The client’s provisioning processes also needed updating to adapt to new technologies and to scale easily as provisioning demands changed. Using a cost-conscious funding approach helped the client ensure maximum value and return on their investment when selecting a partner for this project.


The client engaged Converge Cybersecurity to leverage our skilled AD professionals for an initial 12-month residency. Our analysts worked alongside the client’s in-house lead analyst, sliding easily into the client’s day-to-day AD provisioning role and introducing process improvements and innovations to improve the management of the dynamic AD provisioning environment. The client was also able to advance special projects and fulfill urgent requirements by applying our team’s expertise and critical thinking skills.


Converge helped the client achieve their goals for a smooth transition and process improvement. Because of their high level of satisfaction, the client extended the engagement to apply Converge’s expertise to other identity and access management efforts.

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