Wholesale Beverage Distributor Reconfigures Existing Cisco License Agreements and Environment


A leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributor had Smartnet and Webex renewals fast approaching. They had recently acquired another company and needed a better way to integrate them into their network. Their current Smartnet environment had become too cumbersome and expensive. They were facing the following challenges:

  • Needed a way to start migrating users to their Cisco Voice Network and the corresponding UC applications like Webex.
  • Current SNT model had limited growth capabilities and flexibility for a constantly changing environment.
  • Increased pricing changes and overall contract had become too expensive.
  • Struggling justification to their CFO for this massive spending increase on Licensing and Maintenance.
  • Unpredictable and complicated licensing processes.


  • After actively consulting with the client’s IT leadership team for several months, Converge leveraged a Cisco EA and SNT Agreement to simplify their licensing and equipment maintenance renewals.
  • Converge provided a cost-conscious proposal, streamlining their Smartnet support levels and removing items they weren’t utilizing fully or effectively.


The client now has a new three-year agreement that supports their users and covers their infrastructure while allowing for growth as they integrate their new acquisition. This agreement also helps them:

  • Simplify the way they manage Cisco licensing and the integration of new users.
  • Reduce overall cost with proper Service Levels that support the requirements of the business.
  • Preserve cash with Cisco Capital financing options.

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