Software Company Utilizes Terraform to Provision Landing Zone

The Challenge:

A multinational enterprise software company needed assistance moving a customer’s warehouse management system running on IBM AIX to the cloud. We were selected amongst a number of partners due to our extensive skills on the IBM Power Platform and integration capabilities of Power to GCP. Additionally, they wanted to build IBM Spectrum Protect on GCE to backup the Power environment on GCP. To start the buildout on GCP, we need to provision a landing zone including network, IAM, jump host, and proxy host.

Converge Solution:

The Converge team identified HashiCorp Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool to provision the landing zone. The Terraform scripts were developed by Converge DevOps engineers and version controlled in Gitlab. The Terraform scripts were used to deploy the landing zone per client requirements with speed, accuracy, consistency, and auditability.

The Result:

Converge used Terraform to automate the creation of the landing zone and speeded up IBM AIX migration and GCE buildout. In addition, it improved the maintainability of the environment and reduced the time to restore/reproduce the environment in case of disaster recovery.