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Richard Downham & Dennis Reif
September 2, 2021
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In our last blog post, we spoke about the “VUCA” world, and how things have been rapidly changing for CIOs and IT departments. We talked about the new “normal”. 

Today, we will press ahead with the question, “How can you navigate through the VUCA world and the new normal?” The answer is Managed IT Service Offerings that can and do deliver value to you and your organization.

Let us explain how we purpose-built our service offerings.

First are the products, or managed service offerings, that are built to solve customer problems, as well as achieve the highest customer experience, resiliency, and performance. All offerings are built with the application of four design principles:

  1. Simplicity and adaptability by design
  2. Fault prevention
  3. Proactive support
  4. White-glove service. 

Second are our main IT service areas, providing a building-block approach to allow for the flexible renovation of your IT environment, from where you are today to where you need to be in the future:

  • Everything end-user
  • Everything infrastructure
  • Everything datacenter
  • Everything security
  • Everything business application

Your managed service solution should be designed with a standard service delivery model in mind, while recognizing your unique needs. However, such uniqueness can be built from a combination of standard options or configurations of managed services offerings. Let’s use the commercial airplane as an analogy. It’s built as a standard airplane (simplicity in design – check), it’s tested over millions of hours (fault prevention – check), therefore, it is now ready for flight. Yet, each commercial airline will want its own configuration to reflect its unique brand message and service delivery model, such as seating categories and capacity, interior design, and mechanical adjustments to support specific air routes (white-glove service & proactive support – check).

Third, managed services need to be delivered with complete transparency for you:

  • 24×7 support via self-service portal to view real-time dashboards, run ad-hoc reports, and view SLA Reports and contracts
  • Assigned Customer and Service Delivery Managers with defined escalation processes
  • Visibility into the monitoring of all services
  • Strict SLAs, for example response times
  • “Shift-Left” Methodology: move higher technical support efforts to the service desk supporters to reduce response and resolution times
  • Application of predictive analytics to solve problems before they happen
  • Feedback loop from the market, customers, sales, and operations to continuously improve your managed service

At Converge, we have designed our managed service offerings and our service delivery exactly in this way. Every client solution is based on our standard set of offerings, configured to clients’ specific needs – even if those needs include bringing you along to the next level of IT maturity. Alongside our Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Infrastructure, Analytics, and Talent Solutions, Converge Managed Services offer complete transparency in meeting clients where they are now and taking them where they need to be. We free the CIO and IT department from “Keep-The-Lights-On (KTLO)” operational tasks by laying a modern IT foundation based on a set of adaptable and cost-effective managed services so you can focus on delivering additional value to your business.

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