Charting New Waters Together

Justin Hall
February 24, 2023

It’s been a few weeks since our annual Converge Global Summit (CGS), and I’m still riding the wave of innovation and collaboration I experienced between Converge and our partners. This year’s theme, ConvergeBLUE, introduced a refreshed view on the future of Converge – ranging from expanded partner participation and integration to the embracement of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles and what it means for Converge to contribute to a sustainable future for technology and the world.

Another new feature of 2023’s CGS was the introduction of an expanded and highly integrated partner showcase and welcome reception on night one of conference week. To me, the intentional inclusion and natural flow of walking between Converge solution and practice areas intertwined with the many partners who participated in supporting our CGS was a sign of how we view our partner relationships. To Converge, our partners are part of the family, and together, we are able to successfully navigate the needs of our mutual clients.

Additionally, another clear hallmark of this year’s CGS was the enhanced focus on our solutions and services. As Converge grew in 2022, acquiring 10 new companies in the year alone, so did our teams, practices, and partnerships across the globe. This evolution was on display everywhere you looked, with interactive discussions, breakouts, and presentations from every corner of Converge’s go-to-market strategy.

As we head into Spring and the season of change, it’s nice to see that just as things progress, they also stay the same. Converge has grown immensely, and yet, we’ve always retained our culture of teamwork and collaboration, both internally, between employees, and with our valued partners. I’m so thankful for the unity we’ve fostered as an organization and the support we continually feel from our partners. There is no doubt this year will be another year of challenges to overcome and triumphs to celebrate, and I’ve never felt more confident in the strength of our partnerships. 2023 – let’s do this!

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