The Sustainability Question

Sheryl Moore
March 7, 2024

Alright, I’ll admit it – I  enjoy my job. I find every day exciting and see each moment as an opportunity, although I know I’m lucky to admit such a secret, as not everyone has the chance to feel the same way I do. However, I will also admit that getting to this point has taken time. Finding a role I care deeply about and that pushes me to achieve the best results possible feels like a reward, as it has taken me a number of years to feel like I’ve truly found my purpose in sustainability.

I’ve always known I wanted to help others. I didn’t feel drawn to charity work or the medical field, but I did know I needed to work for the greater good to be personally fulfilled. Upon entering the corporate world and working in the business sector, I realized I could combine my desire to help with the newfound passion I was gaining in the pace and excitement that a successful and diverse business generates. Between the sectors like sales and logistics or operations and finance, I saw the opportunity to take my understanding of sustainability and apply it to a business world desperate to adapt to a changing planet.

You see, sustainability is a mindset that seeks to create a resilient, responsible, and purpose-driven business by safeguarding three vital features no business can operate without – a resilient environment, resilient communities, and a resilient balance sheet. As we’ve evolved, technology has come into play, both creating challenges and negatives to overcome while also driving the changes needed to create a sustainable future for our planet and its people. In both instances, I’m happy to say we now have strategies in place to negate the bad and further the good.

An example I love to share and something I’m quite proud of is Converge and Stone Group, A Converge Company, executing on a circular economy solution to tackle E-Waste from tech appliances. In the UK alone, we’ve collected and processed over 1.6 million electronic devices, saving them from going to a landfill. Therefore, the majority of these devices were able to be recirculated back into the economy. This not only generated profits, but it also opened up job opportunities, enabling a 24-hour remote work operation. Additionally, our circular economy integrated an alternative IT solution at a lower price point, enabling customers who have a restricted budget (such as charities and community groups) to obtain technology devices they couldn’t otherwise afford.

With the above example in mind, I’m happy to say we’re building on our own momentum. Through the support of Converge’s leadership team and colleagues across the business, we have developed our sustainability strategy – “Making a Digital Difference”.  This approach includes ten social and environmental focus aspects, with governance and controls in place to ensure we deliver on our focus. Over the following months, you will see more about our strategy, and I hope everyone can get involved.

I’m proud that, as a technology solutions provider, we already champion sustainability. Through our activities, strategy, choices of suppliers, sharing our values with colleagues, and demonstrating our sustainability mindset we can and are making a real positive difference. BUT – the work is never done! Every day we must have a sustainability mindset, where we consider ways that reduce waste, support our customers and communities (it’s important to them too!), and reduce negative environmental impact. My hope is that Converge and other technology leaders can serve as examples, helping to lead the way with climate change in our industry. Small steps equal big results and each day that we are #BetterTogether, we can achieve great things.


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