Leadership Perspectives: A Q&A with Vic Verola, EVP of North American Sales

Vic Verola
March 14, 2024

What led you to pursue a career in sales?

I started my career as an engineer and was doing very well. I was generally consultative as an engineer and enjoyed client interaction. My father, who has always been in sales, influenced me heavily to pursue a career in sales as the earning and business potential was limitless. He would tell me that sales is one of the most noble professions as you are helping people solve their most complex problems all while making friends. The first year was difficult, as it is for all sellers, but once I made the move to sales, I flourished and have never looked back. I have also made so many cherished and lifelong friends along the way.

Where do you see the company’s growth in the next 12 months?

We have so many capabilities with enormous growth potential. The three that stand out for me are AI, cybersecurity, and infrastructure to handle large AI/HPC environments. Fortunately, Converge is uniquely positioned to provide thought leadership and actionable solutions in these wide domains. This growth is not only coming from our existing account base but also coming from new clients looking to Converge for thought leadership that their existing solution providers are unable to provide. Our expansive and deep capabilities are truly one of Converge’s greatest differentiators.

Can you describe the evolution of Converge’s go-to-market strategy?

Converge is on a path to achieve greater organic growth in 2024 than we have ever had in our history. We have successfully integrated 35 specialized companies and spent most of 2023 ensuring we have the optimized structure and solid leadership teams in place to take us to the next level. Today, we are one integrated North American organization with deep and differentiated capabilities throughout all our practices. Our sellers have access to a deep bench of over 1,200 technical resources, which allows them to offer an undeniable value proposition to our clients.

Where do you see the most growth opportunity potential for the company? 

One of the key themes we have at Converge is that we need to be on a continuous evolution as a company. We are in an ever-changing industry where technology and the applications of technology are changing faster than most clients can keep up with. This presents a unique opportunity for companies like Converge to offer immense value to our clients. At Converge we have such a deep sphere of expertise; it is critical that we continue to evolve our offerings to make certain we remain relevant and valuable to our clients. Often, you hear organizations say they are in the middle of a transformation. In my view, if you need to transform, you have failed to listen to the market and evolve with it. Our people and our team are constantly making certain that we are at the forefront of the latest technologies and, more importantly, the business application of those technologies. This forward-looking view allows us to capitalize on growth opportunities at the expense of a weaker competitive landscape.

What are your top tips on how to motivate your team?

At Converge, we truly have the highest quality team in the business. I was an owner of Vicom, one of the acquired companies, and truly felt that we had the best people in the business. Well, what I have come to realize years later is Converge has acquired so many strong and proud companies with exceptional people just like Vicom. My style of leadership is to set clear goals and expectations, provide the proper support system to achieve those goals, and allow our team the leeway to achieve their goals in a way most suited to their style. Being a leader of a sales organization, it is critical to play a consistent drumbeat with your messaging and expectations while helping the team break down any barriers in their way. This clear direction and freedom for sellers to employ their own style to achieve our mutual objectives is what makes Converge such a great company to work for. This approach not only motivates our team but also drives continuous growth for the seller and our company year over year. I will always be an advocate for our sellers and our clients. I am confident there is no one in our company closer to the needs of our clients than our sellers.

You’re very actively engaged in Big Brothers Big Sister of Long Island (BBBSLI). How did you get involved and what inspires you about the organization’s mission? 

I have been fortunate enough to have a successful business career and an incredibly happy family life, which has been unbelievably fulfilling. I had been looking for ways to use my skills to give back and help others. A friend who was involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island invited me as his guest to a fundraising event where Bigs and Littles spoke about the impact of mentorship on their life. It touched my heart in a way that I cannot describe – the difference between a beautiful child having a great life or a challenging life can be based on some simple guidance, mentorship, and love that we all have inside of us to give. Well, needless to say, I have fully embraced the organization’s mission. I realized that my skills and contacts in my business life could provide enormous value to an organization the size of BBBSLI. I started as a volunteer and now have been a member of the board of directors for over nine years (and a former Chair). Through great leadership and amazing participation by our local community, we now mentor over 300 children throughout Long Island! I urge everyone to explore becoming a Big to an awaiting child. There is a huge waitlist for Littles waiting to be matched with a mentor. It only takes a few days a month and could change the trajectory of a child’s life!

Get to Know Vic 

Personal mantra: If you have the right team – you can accomplish anything!

Go-to coffee order: Dunkin Donuts!

Favorite way to unwind: Watch hockey – I’m a huge New York Islanders fan – and smoking a cigar with friends.

Travel bucket list: I’ve been to many amazing places with my wife and family. We are going to Singapore and Bali this summer. The next big trip I am planning will be to go to Kenya to see the great migration.

Hidden talent: I am a pretty good ping pong player. Every time I go on a cruise, I compete to be the ping pong cruise champion. I think I passed the talent to my youngest son as he is now able to beat me most of the time.

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